Great Results in Greenhouses

Vegetables and Water

Vegetables need a lot of water. They need the right kind of water to make the plants grow strong, nutritious and healthy. A new law in the Netherlands demands from farmers that they adopt circular ways of working. They need to reuse their rest materials, including their waste water. A challenge, because often the waste water holds chemical residues. After some cycles, the chemicals will build up and the plants do not grow properly anymore.

Remove chemical Residue

To help farmers with this challenge, we installed our water systems in greenhouses to prove that purified, vitalized water will remove chemical residue from waste water.  The results are astounding. A vegetable grower found that the roots of his plants grow much stronger with this vital water. Tests results show that the chemical elements are removed from the water, but natural elements remain. At first the grower was worried that certain bacteria would still attack the vegetables, but no. The vegetables have grown such strong immune systems that the bacteria, although they are still there, are no longer harmful. In another greenhouse, a flower grower noticed that his flowers stayed fresh for much longer. The leaves of the plants are thicker and the flowers’ colour is brighter.

Some facts

To share some facts with you: our growers can implement the Blue Earth purification and vitalisation systems in their existing process. Instead they can also choose to take a complete system including carbon, candle and sand filters, storage tank, etc. When they choose to implement as part of their existing system, they remove the membrane technique and add our Blue Earth technology instead. The benefits are that they do not have any rest waste, because full filters are in the past. They will also notice a significant reduction of energy consumption. Our system requires an energy consumption of 2kW for 10 m3 per 24 hours. Where a normal pump will use 7.5 kW, ours will only use 3.5 kW. There will be no risk of clotting in the pump, because small particles will be transported in the system without causing problems. A UVC filter (240 Hz, part of the complete solar spectrum) will make sure that the cell membranes of bacteria will be damaged and they will not reproduce.

Power of Nature

Results like these make our water systems more and more popular. Our systems work with the power of nature, we do not use chemicals and we use the laws of quantum physics to achieve these life-enhancing results in growing food. If you want to know what we can do for your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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