New Production Facility in Maastricht

After years of research, pilots and implementation we are proud to introduce our new production facility in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Our water purification and vitalisation systems show great results in several markets and our technical innovations have proven their value. So now is the time for production scale-up and making it happen in many markets.

Products and technology

Our technologies are nature-based. They have several things in common. First of all they are built on common logic and they provide a solution to a problem. Furthermore they use the power of nature, including quantum physics. Finally, they will always:

  • Use a minimum of energy
  • Require a minimum of maintenance
  • Have a long lifespan
  • Enhance life on earth

Industrial Scale Production

Although all of our products are made with conscious awareness and care for the earth, we are able to scale-up to industrial production. Our new production facility will give us an extra advantage here, because it enables us to produce on a larger scale, welcome professional people to our team and give our customers what they need.

Many Markets

Our customers are active in many markets. Because of our great results of purifying and vitalising water in greenhouses, many of our customers are farmers of vegetables or flowers. They notice that the roots of their plants are growing very strong and the flowers are full of life, even long after they have been picked and put into Blue Earth water. On our website, you can download some reports with detailed results of our water.

Other customers are active in the fields of drinking water, river cleaning or even swimming pools. Water is a vital source of life and as soon as this water is purified and vitalised, it can be even more effective in its contribution to our lives.

Expert team

The core of our company consists of Frank Collaris and Lilly Huis in ‘t Veld, but our team includes many more competences. On our website, you can meet some of our team members. Together we will scale-up Blue Earth Innovations, everybody in their own role, adding their own strengths to the process. Of course the complete team is even bigger, including people for production, technical expertise and office roles.


Contact us for a meet-up in our new building. We welcome you to express your specific requirements with regard to healthy water and will think with you to find solutions including the power of nature.

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