The new ‘Vita Blue 50’ is out now and we are on broadcast RTL4!

Next to the 2 systems in our product range, the big system ‘Vita Blue 63’ and the little model  ‘Vita Blue 32’, we now have a new model available, to answer to the request for a medium model.

The ‘Vita Blue 63’ is suitable for purposes in the industry , for instance in the greenhouse culture it is widely used.  It is also very suitable  as an important component of an entire water purification system.

The ‘Vita Blue 32’ is mainly used in households. It is connected after the water clock, so that the entire house is provided with top quality vitalized water.

Our new system: ‘Vita Blue 50‘ is suitable for applications with a water supply of up to 50 mm, making it suitable for vitalizing (drinking) water, with a greater water consumption than a normal household.

Applications are countless such as for :

  • Vitalizing water in the foodindustry, including at bakeriesbeveragefactories, canningfactories etc. The taste and quality of your food products is greatly improved by the use of vitalized water during the production process ! Equipment will also have a longer life due to the reduced lime deposition.
  • Vitalizing water in animal stables for a better animal welfare and health.
  • Vitalizing drinking water at large companies and restaurants. In this way you take good care of the health of your employees/guestst by offering them  the best quality of drinking water. The water gets a softer taste. It also greatly improvres the taste of coffee and tea.
  • Vitalising water in industrial applications such as paperfactories, cement factories, waste treatment companies etc. Water will form coherent fields through the vitalization, this makes it better able to transport unwanted substances. Water will therefore be easier to clean after vitalization.
    Concrete made with vitalized water also gets a better structure, through this it will be stronger and having a longer lifespan.
  • Vitalizing water in healthcare , such as day nurseries and nursing homes.. Both the drinking water and the shower water are vitalized so that the skin remains significantally softer, less detergents and  cleaning products are needed fot the same results. The drinking water will be many times softer and healthier.  
  • Purifying water in your pond or swimmingpool .
  • Vitalizing water for sauna and hairdressers.

Vita Blue 50

What can the ´Vita Blue 50` mean for you?

  • The taste and quality of your products is greatly improved.
  • Equipments last longer because of less lime.
  • It is better for your health and that of your animals.
  • It is softer for your skin.
  • Less detergents and cleaning agents are needed.
  • The wastewater is cleaner and better for the environment.
  • The system is completely natural and it contributes to cleaner water for all of us.


  • There is a suspension system attached to the Vita Blue 50 ´ with which it can easily be attached to the wall.
  • Very long service life due to the intelligent design and 100% use of high-quality stainless steel.
  • No filter replacement required
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Easy: Any plumber can install the system, or we can do the installation for you.
  • Price: Vita Blue 50: € 3865, –

Are you interested?

Then we would be happy to visit you without obligation for tailor-made advice.
We can also take our mobile vitalization system with us so that you can immediately experience the difference in taste. You can also visit us in our business premises in Maastricht. You can call us at  Blue Earth Innovations: 085 9769837 for an appointment or mail us at

RTl 4 was a guest at Blue Earth Innovations !

Sunday, May 30 at 3.30 pm you can watch the broadcast online or on TV. The replay will be broadcast on Saturday June 5 at 1.30 pm. You can look at it here.

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