Vita Blue 32

Vibrant delicious water…..

In recent years, the “Vita Blue 32” has proven itself as a reliable and excellent vitalizer!

Measurements have shown that by using the Vita Blue 32 :

  • Tap water is 10 x more vital
  • Negative information has been reduced by 90.9% (including medicine residues) 
  • Electro-magnetic load is reduced by  90.9 %

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“Give pure water back to nature…..!”

Universal laws

Rotating counterclockwise in a vortex,
moving in a lemniscate
and turning clockwise in a vortex……..
This is how the water moves through the Vita Blue 32
thus mimicking the natural movement that water makes in nature to clean itself.
In addition, the water is informed with the source energy of originally pure water.


  • the taste of the water is tastier and softer
  • the water gives you energy
  • the water will form coherent fields, a sign of health
  • the skin is softer and less dry
  • there is no /much less scale deposit with appliances, which makes them last longer
  • less soap and detergent needed
  • flowers and plants grow better
  • food/drinks tastes better when food is prepared
  • 5 year warranty !!!
  • no maintenance required
  • easy to take with you when moving
  • after all, you contribute to the improvement of water quality, because you return healthy water to nature and the cycle.

So many reasons to purchase the Vita Blue 32!

Lecture Maastricht 26 May 2023

Date: Friday 26 May from 19.30 – 22.00
Where: Blue Earth Maastricht
Please reserve by sending an email to

Water carries information and is alive. Based on this, we have made inventions and developed products that allow water to regain and retain its full vitality!!! The result of this is that we – and our world – become healthier again and are reminded of our original life force and creative power. This is essential for us and our nature.

We are happy to share our experiences and the new possibilities with you, in the most practical way possible, including examples of inventions and products in the field of quantum physics and water.

You can also view our latest new water purification system and get a tour of our company!
It is hard for many to believe that the future looks very hopeful.

We would like to invite you to experience this positivity for yourself. Be welcome…

Information about the details will follow after registration.

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