Blue Earth Innovations in the next phase

Free Energy

Many of you know that we are currently busy with free energy. We now have several positive test results and it is time for us to take a bigger approach. The goal is to work towards a production model which we will hopefully produce this year!

Interest in water purification

There is increasing interest in our water purification systems. In addition to water purification for private individuals, companies are increasingly asking for our help with problems they have with water. Now even the regional water authorities are interested! This means that we will soon be able to conduct tests with them.
These tests are also necessary to further learn what our systems can do in specific situations.

Become a shareholder

These movements require us to professionalize further. That is why we have decided to offer shares in the company in order to involve more people and raise the necessary money to continue with these new developments. We really need your help to take this next step.

The world around us is changing rapidly and we are living in confusing times.

There are increasing concerns about the electricity and water network. That is precisely why we think it is important to speed up the new developments now.


Please contact us by sending an email to

You will receive further information by email regarding the conditions that must be met in order to purchase shares.

Water Purification

We have now installed the “Pure Blue” water purification system in different variants and we can give an idea of what the possibilities are through our company.

  • It is possible to have this placed in a container. This can be buried or placed above the ground.
  • Another option is to dig everything in with wells. The advantage of this technique is that the well is watertight and cannot rise due to groundwater.
  • The system can also be installed in an existing space such as a garage, shed or basement.
  • Or a room can be built specifically for this purpose that can be insulated against the heat.

Variants range from 500 liters to 500,000 liters per day.
Starting water can be: spring water, rainwater or even sewage water.

We can create high-quality drinking water, full of life energy, in many situations. If you are interested, please contact us at

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