Blue Earth Innovations - Applications Horticulture
Blue Earth Innovations – Applications Horticulture

Solution circular processes

Blue Earth Innovations products provide significant levels of purification and vitalisation in the fields of food production, agriculture and horticulture. Primarily plants grow strong roots and their leaves are bigger and healthier. After picking the plants, they also remain fresh much longer. Furthermore, the system purifies reused water and removes remaining chemicals. Pure Blue and Vital Blue systems never use chemicals. Chemicals are no longer needed to guarantee healthy plants with extremely improved immune systems. As a result Blue Earth Innovations products are a solution in circular production processes.

Typical products for horticulture

In a typical setting, the complete system consists of a water purification system (for purifying and vitalising) and a pump. Because every situation is different, we will discuss in detail the requirements and local situation. This way we make sure the system is specifically suited to your application.

Biodynamic farming

Biodynamic farmers understand the importance of life energy for their produce. Pure Blue and Vita Blue systems have shown that the life energy of the water will remain nearly the same throughout the process. In other words, the output water has nearly the same level of life energy as the input water. The value of life energy remains between 100,000 and 200,000 Bovis, with an extremely high level of positivity. At Chateau Cortils a Pure Blue water system has been installed. Here, the water quality at its outlet points (after transport) even reaches the level of 430,000 Bovis. A full report can be downloaded below.

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