Blue Earth Innovations

Blue Earth Innovations uses the power of nature. With this power they create innovations that enhance life. The founders, Frank Collaris and Lilly Huis in ‘t Veld, are at the core of the company. They are also both inspired by nature. As a result they want to contribute to the current transformation towards an economy within the boundaries of the planet. Above all Blue Earth Innovations is a company founded from their hearts, combining technical solutions with awareness of the laws of nature in a very broad sense.

Frank Collaris

Frank Collaris

has a vast experience in technology and quantum physics. First of all he is a typical out-of-the-box creative designer. Additionally, he develops the equipment from a problem solving perspective. Finally the results are innovative and very practical. And most importantly the customer will receive maximum results with a minimum of input.

Lilly Huis In 't Veld

Lilly Huis in ‘t Veld

specializes in holistic health. Furthermore, she uses her knowledge and awareness within the rules of quantum physics to create products that heal planet and people.

Together, Frank and Lilly form a unique team that translates the power of nature to technical solutions for vital life functions. While Frank is responsible for the technical aspects and outside designs, Lilly makes sure the inside of the products work properly. Certainly together they are sparring partners for the quantum physics innovations that make their products special. Above all Frank and Lilly are the core of a team of specialists using their professionality to scale these unique products.


Blue Earth Innovations values the power of facts and measurements. So all information provided on these pages, including the measuring of life energy (Bovis values) are backup by data. All experts mentioned are completely independent. However, they are enthusiastic about the game changing products of Blue Earth Innovations and lend their expertise to improve the work done.

Our Products

Blue Earth Innovations - Water Purification



Blue Earth Innovations - Water Pumps


Our fields of application

Blue Earth Innovations - Applications Horticulture


Drinking Water and Rivers

Explore with Us

Explore with us

Team of specialists

Edward Cerfontein

production / installation and sales employee

Kevin Collaris

production employee

Enoah Coorens

Administrative and production assistant

Ishi Coorens

ict, website & media employee

Frank Silvis

is an independent energetic water quality researcher and consultant.

Simon Schijf

brings drinking water science expertise to the team. Additionally, he contributes to Dutch and also international research and development.

Désirée Driesenaar

is a Blue Economy expert with a background in communication. Furthermore, she contributes to the international network of connections.

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