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Products blueprint

Blue Earth Innovations products have several things in common. First of all they are based on common logic and provide a solution to a problem. Furthermore they use the power of nature, including quantum physics. Finally, they will always:

  • Use a minimum of energy
  • Need a minimum of maintenance
  • Have a long lifespan
  • Be cost-efficient
  • Enhance life on earth
  • Solve a vital problem
  • Use the power of nature, (quantum) physics


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Quantum physics products - Blue Earth Innovations - for horticulture


Drinking Water and Rivers

Quantum physics products - Blue Earth Innovations - for other applications

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Frank Collaris explains the development of Blue Earth Innovation products:

We always start with a vital problem and contrary to other designers we will not look back towards existing technology to find the solutions. Instead we will start from scratch and choose the technologies that are relevant to the problem. For purifying the water, for instance, we will combine frequency technology and water streaming technology with specifically developed quantum physics technology. Additionally, water pumps will always have their moving parts above the water. Thus it makes the lifespan longer and maintenance so much easier. Another example is that instead of using software to drive the equipment, we use relais technique. This way we can see what happens inside the control mechanism. This means that when a small part needs replacement, it will take a minimum of costs and no dependency on the original manufacturer.

Quantum Physics

Frank Collaris explains the use of quantum physics in Blue Earth Innovation products:

Just like traditional physics, quantum physics have a set of rules that make it work. Therefore we use these rules to develop our products. Traditional human technology for example uses a lot of energy and different materials to develop products. Instead nature uses a limited amount of material elements for its products and is very energy efficient. Comparably, nature uses structure of materials and adds information to design certain functionalities into a product. Therefore we use this power of nature to develop our products and see great results.

Below you find a short animation to explain quantum physics:

Science base

Blue Earth Innovation products are based on the work of many scientists in the fields of physics and quantum physics. Below we name a few:

Viktor Schauberger

has done great work inspired by rivers. His work for example shows that a vortex cleans water by removing oxygen from the liquid and bringing it back in. This way vortex technology and the general work of Viktor Schauberger has definitely inspired Blue Earth Innovations in designing their purification systems.

Masaru Emoto

showed in pictures that water molecules take different shapes when exposed to human thoughts, music and other influences from the environment. Therefore Masaru Emoto has been a great source of inspiration for Blue Earth Innovations.

Bruce Lipton

is a cell biologist who proved that human genes will be turned on and off by the environment. Therefore Blue Earth Innovations used Bruce Lipton’s scientific insights to develop the quantum physics in their machines.

Greg Braden

bridges science, spirituality and the real world. As a result Greg Braden has been an inspiration to Blue Earth Innovations when developing the water vitalisation systems based on quantum physics.

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