Pure Blue Mini

The Pure Blue Mini purifies and vitalizes tap water into excellent drinking water, without a filter and without waste. The water treatment removes chemicals such as chlorine, medicine residues and PFAS.

“Supplies 34 liters of purified and cooled drinking water every day.”

Removal of chlorine

The Pure Blue Mini completely removes chlorine from tap water without filters! This is ideal for situations where a lot of chlorine is added to the water. The purification makes the drinking water taste good again and become healthier. Buying filters or bottled water is no longer necessary and there are no residuals. Better for the environment and for your wallet! 34 liters of purified tap water is kept chilled in the system to prevent bacteria formation.

PFAS and medicine residues

The Purifier can reduce chemicals such as PFAS and medicine residues by up to 90%, in many cases it completely removes them from the tap water. “It’s revolutionary that this is possible with a natural technique without any residuals.”
There is increasing legitimate concern about PFAS and medicine residues in water. Private individuals and companies can independently do something about this by buying the Pure Blue Mini. This way they can increase their health. Animals and plants also benefit from it.

*For large companies there is the ‘Pure Blue‘ available, which has proven its excellent performance and results for 6 years.

No filters, but how?

This waterpurification system doesn’t use filters. The water gets purified during 12 hours by a quantum physical process through frequency technology. A molecule such as PFAS consists of chemical elements that can be found in the periodic table. However, these natural substances are combined in an unnatural composition with harmful consequences. The connection between these elements is broken by our water treatment and the harmful PFAS molecule decays back into natural, harmless, basic material.

Purification ánd Vitalisation

The water in the Pure Blue Mini forms vortexes, swirling left and right like water flowing in a mountain stream. At the same time, the water is returned to its original pure state using frequency technology. More oxygen enters the water and coherent fields are created which increase the harmonious structure and life energy of the water. This improves the quality and taste of it. Water can therefore be nourishing instead of burdensome for the body.

*Vitalized water in your entire house!? Then take a look at the Vita Blue 32.


Because no filters are used in the Pure Blue Mini, there are no extra costs and no maintenance. No more frequent replacement of filters needed! The Pure Blue Mini works fully automatically. In the unlikely event that a part no longer works, it can be replaced.

Pure Blue Mini panel

Clear overview

At a glance you can see on the screen how much water is left in the storage tank and when the next batch is ready. The correct temperature and operating time of purification has already been set. It is possible to change these settings as desired.

Installation of the Pure Blue Mini

The installation is very simple. The system can be placed in, for example, the kitchen or utility room where it is connected to the water pipe. The treated water is stored in an internal storage tank. Purified water can be tapped via a tap at the sink.


  • Beautiful oak treated worktop for a stylish look.
  • The outside is made entirely of high-quality brushed stainless steel
  • Water temperature adjustable between 10 ℃ – 15 ℃
  • Lead time adjustable between 12/18/24 hours
  • Dimensions: (H) 87 – 93cm, (W) 55cm, (D) 57cm
  • Connected power: 7 Amp. /230 V

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