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Blue Pump

Pumps will be supplied tailor-made. For example (actual situation) the pump stows water 65 m high over a distance of 1 km in a flow of 9 m3 per hour. Consequently, the pump is 1.8 m high, 40 cm wide and has an energy consumption of 3.2 kW. This pump comes with a control cabinet of 40x30x15 cm. The pressure can always be adapted to the height and distance needed. Maximum pressure is 10 bar.

Water pumps technology

Blue Earth Innovations water pumps are very practical to use. They use air pressure technology to minimise the energy use. All moving components – such as the single valve – are placed above the water level. Also to minimise maintenance, relais technology is used instead of a PLC with software. Finally, all components of the water pumps are replaceable. This way servicing is easy and the lifespan is very long.

The Blue Pump will not be damaged by clotting, because particles will be transported with the flow. Additionally the range of the pumps can vary from 1 m high to 100 m high. Consequently the pressure will be adapted to a maximum of 10 bar. Our customers can adapt the pressure themselves if the pump range need to be changed. Also the flow of the pump can be adapted. A flow of 90 m3 is as feasible as the 9 m3 in the actual example.


Typical characteristics of the water pumps are:

  • Minimum of energy consumption (savings of up to 30-50%). An example: normal pump uses 7.5 kW, comparable Blue Pump uses 3.2 kW
  • There is no risk of clotting, because particles will be transported with the flow
  • Long lifespan (materials chosen to last decades)
  • Cost-efficient (low cost of ownership)
  • Minimum of maintenance needed, due to the single valve above the water. The valve can easily be serviced or replaced, so the pump can always be repaired
  • User-friendly design and interface

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