Pure Blue

The Pure Blue is versatile. It purifies various types of water into excellent drinking water and increases the quality of the water for industrial use. The water treatment removes chemicals such as chlorine, medicine residues and PFAS.

The system can purify between 500 and 50,000 liters per day. Further scaling up is possible.

Pure Blue Mini

The Pure Blue Mini purifies and vitalizes tap water into excellent drinking water, without a filter and without waste. The water treatment removes chemicals such as chlorine, medicine residues and PFAS.

“The Pure Blue Mini supplies 34 liters of purified and cooled drinking water every day.”

A new solution for new challenges

The Pure Blue works from a quantum physical process with frequency technology and natural principles. This unique Blue Earth Method has been developed and researched by Blue Earth Innovations over the past 10 years. The goal was to provide a solution to current challenges with PFAS and other chemicals that are very difficult to remove from water. The solution has been found! The Pure Blue has proven its excellent performance and results over the past 6 years.

How does the Pure Blue work?

In the case of polluted water, coarser impurities are first filtered out with a Blue Earth Sand Filter and other filters. The water is then treated between 12 and 24 hours with the Blue Earth Method. Within this time, the finer substances such as medicine residues, chemicals and Pfas are completely removed.

How? A molecule such as PFAS consists of chemical elements that can be found in the periodic table. However, these natural substances are combined in an unnatural composition with harmful consequences. The connection between these elements is broken by our water treatment and the harmful PFAS molecule decays back into natural, harmless, basic material.

Pure Blue Flowchart
Pure Blue Flowchart

Pure Blue

  • can be implemented as part of an existing purification system, replacing just the membrane technique
  • can also be installed as a full system, including Blue Earth sand filters, carbon filters, 10 micron candle filters, UVC lamps, reactors and storage tank
  • does not use chemicals in the purification process
  • removes chemical elements from the water
  • damages the cell membranes of bacteria so they cannot reproduce
  • enhances the immune system of plants and people because biological elements and minerals will remain in the water
  • reduces waste, because there are no full membrane filters
  • has an energy consumption of 2 kW per 10 m3 per 24 hours
  • will always have an integrated water vitalisation system Vita Blue
  • can clean wastewater, surfacewater and groundwater up to an excellent drinkingwater

Industrial applications

In industry, the Pure Blue succeeds in improving the quality of process water. The water has a  better ability to purify, absorb and transport substances. This means water can be used more efficiently and the production process is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. The quality of the wastewater is also better, meaning that discharge requirements can be met.

Greenhouse horticulture: The Pure Blue is also very suitable for greenhouse horticulture. The results include healthier plants which are more resilient and grow better with less heat.

Livestock farming: Results are healthier livestock and cost savings due to less medication for the animals.

Blue Earth Innovations - Applications Horticulture

Growth water for plants

In case of horticultural systems, a circular use of waste water is very important. To begin with the chemical elements will be removed from the water. This way making it possible to reuse the clean water without build-up of chemicals. Of course there is also a desire to remove pathogenic bacteria. But the plants will develop such a strong immune system that they will be resistant to the bacteria. As a result they will grow strong with a maximum of minerals and biological nutrients.

Drinking water and rivers

The Pure Blue is suitable for purifying and vitalizing water in your home or business into excellent drinking water. Tap water, spring water, stream water, rainwater and surface water can all be purified with it. This also makes it possible to be self-sufficient!

River water can be cleansed from pollution. Depending on the specific requirements and use of the water later on, the equipment will be tailor-made.

Vitalization, imitation of nature

In addition to purifying, the Pure Blue also provides vitalization. The water forms vortexes, swirling left and right like water flowing in a mountain stream. At the same time, the water is returned to its original pure state using frequency technology. More oxygen enters the water and coherent fields are created which increase the harmonious structure and life energy of the water. This improves the quality and taste of it. Water can therefore be nourishing instead of burdensome for the body.

Circular and off-grid

We can go one step further and circulate the water from the Pure Blue. For example, spring or surface water can be used again and again. This is a very good solution, especially for situations where water is scarce. This stand-alone system can work without any connection to the main water pipes or the sewer.


The Pure Blue is available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the situation. From a mobile system of 2 meters high, 80 cm wide and 1.50 m deep to a container. The design varies depending on the request.
In addition, it contains a storage vessel  of the desired size based on your situation. The storage tank can be buried in the ground or placed in a pit, container or other space. Any filters are economical to use and can be replaced by yourselves.
The Pure Blue works fully automatically and has a PLC controlpanel. The most important information is visible on the screen.

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