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Pure Blue

This water purification system can purify 10,000 litres per 24 hours. The unit consists of 2 pipes, each 2 m high, 40 cm wide, 120 kg per pipe. Pure Blue can be supplied as a complete system, including filters, tank, etc. It can also be implemented in an existing purification process.

Methods of water purification

Pure Blue use several technologies for water cleaning. First of all, conventional technologies, such as a sand filter, a carbon filter and a 10 micron candle filter will purify and separate the solids from the liquid. After this – instead of a membrane technique – the process will continue with a UVC filter with or without ozone. Thereafter, the process continues to reactor and storage tanks. This flowchart illustrates the full process.

Pure Blue Flowchart
Pure Blue Flowchart

Pure Blue

  • can be implemented as part of an existing purification system, replacing just the membrane technique
  • can also be installed as a full system, including Blue Earth sand filters, carbon filters, 10 micron candle filters, UVC lamps, reactors and storage tank
  • does not use chemicals in the purification process
  • removes chemical elements from the water
  • damages the cell membranes of bacteria so they cannot reproduce
  • enhances the immune system of plants and people because biological elements and minerals will remain in the water
  • reduces waste, because there are no full membrane filters
  • has an energy consumption of 2 kW per 10 m3 per 24 hours
  • will always have an integrated water vitalisation system Vita Blue
  • can clean wastewater, surfacewater and groundwater up to an excellent drinkingwater

Growth water for plants

Blue Earth Innovations - Applications Horticulture

In case of horticultural systems, a circular use of waste water is very important. To begin with the chemical elements will be removed from the water. This way making it possible to reuse the clean water without build-up of chemicals. Of course there is also a desire to remove pathogenic bacteria. But the plants will develop such a strong immune system that they will be resistant to the bacteria. As a result they will grow strong with a maximum of minerals and biological nutrients.

Drinking water and rivers

For human drinking water many water cleaning technologies will be combined. Thus ensuring healthy water from sources such as surface water, groundwater or rainwater.

River water can be cleansed from pollution. Depending on the specific requirements and use of the water later on, the equipment will be tailor-made.

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