Vita Blue

This water vitalisation system is available in different sizes. Vita Blue is available for households, greenhouses, industry and everything in between. Vita Blue has a capacity range from 10 litre per minute to 10,000 litre per minute.

Vita Blue 32

The Vita Blue 32 vitalizes tap water for the entire house, without a filter and without the use of electricity.

Vita Blue 63

The Vita Blue 63 is used for industrial use and large quantities of water. This powerful vitalizer is also used in our Water Purification. It is possible to remove chemicals such as chlorine, medicine residues and PFAS.

Vital water

Water vitalisation is key to human health. To begin with water has a vital life function. For instance about 71% of the earth’s surface is water. And up to 60% of the human adult body consists of water. Therefore, water is a vital component for production of our food and drinks.

In her natural state water is vital and dynamic. For example, it needs movement in the form of vortexes. However, in our current society we have ignored that fact. Instead, we use it for transportation in sewers and rivers, clean it with chemicals and store it without movement. Is it therefore still vital enough for our overall health?

Methods of vitalisation

The Vita Blue 32 works with a quantum physical process, frequency technology and natural principles. This unique “Blue Earth Method” has been developed and researched by Blue Earth Innovations over the past 10 years. Our vitalizers have already found their way in the Netherlands and internationally. They are used with great success and satisfaction to improve the quality of water. For example in horticulture chemicals are no longer needed to keep the plants healthy and productive. The immune systems of plants are activated to an extraordinary quality.

Why vitalized water?

Vitalized water has a major positive impact on our health. The “Blue Earth Method” returns water to its original pure state. It becomes softer and tastier, which makes you want to drink more water. Full-spectrum coherent fields will form, causing water molecules to work together as one again. This allows the water to absorb, transport and clean up substances much better. The result for our body is that it’s well hydrated. Substances such as minerals are more easily absorbed and waste products are properly removed.

Less limescale deposits

Thanks to the Blue Earth Method, calcium (limescale) will remain present in the water and will not deposit in for example kettles and washing machines. The lime problem has been solved in an environmentally friendly way!


User responses have shown that they feel healthier, have more energy and sleep better since using the Vita Blue. Plants also respond well to it, they stay beautiful longer and bloom well.

“I have had the Vita Blue 32 at home since October 2020. And my sceptical mind has lost out to my body’s reactions: my intestines react positively and my food seems tastier. Even my son told me without asking that he really thinks the water tastes better and softer. The reason why I purchased the vitalizer is that I want to improve my own health. But certainly also that of others, of all the people who come to my practice. But I think the realization that this water, even after use, still makes a valuable contribution to the improvement of all water on the planet, is so wonderful!”

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