Vita Blue

This water vitalisation system is available in different sizes. Vita Blue is available for households, greenhouses, industry and everything in between. Vita Blue has a capacity range from 10 litre per minute to 10,000 litre per minute.

Vital water

Water vitalisation is key to human health. To begin with water is a vital life function. For instance about 71% of the earth’s surface is water. And up to 60% of the human adult body consists of water. Therefore, water is a vital component for production of our food and drinks.

In her natural state water is vital and dynamic. For example, it needs movement in the form of vortexes. However, in our current society we have ignored that fact. Instead, we use it for transportation in sewers and rivers, clean it with chemicals and store it without movement. Is it therefore still vital enough to enhance our overall health?

Information carrier

Modern science has proven that water is an information carrier. In comparison it picks up information like a recorder and gives it off when used. Therefore it is even more important to invest in water cleaning and water vitalisation. For instance, we need to remove negative information and give the water positive information instead.

Vita Blue water vitalisation will result in healthy water that enhances life in all its functions. Therefore it can be used to produce extremely high level clean and vital drinking water and abundant growing water for plants. Our food and drinks will be more nutritious than ever when using water vitalisation systems made by Blue Earth Innovations.

Methods of vitalisation

Blue Earth Innovation products use quantum physics technology to vitalize water. Depending on the required end result different methods will be used to ensure the relevant water vitalisation. In all cases the level of vitalisation is extremely high. For example in horticulture chemicals are no longer needed to keep the plants healthy and productive. The immune systems of plants are activated to an extraordinary quality.

Life energy

Biodynamic farmers understand the importance of life energy for their produce. Pure Blue and Vita Blue systems have shown that the life energy of the water will remain nearly the same throughout the process. In other words, the output water has nearly the same level of life energy as the input water. The value of life energy remains between 100,000 and 200,000 Bovis, with an extremely high level of positivity. At Chateau Cortils where a Pure Blue water system has been installed, the water quality at its outlet points (after transport) even reaches the level of 430,000 Bovis. A full report can be download on the page applications/horticulture.

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